Save Stories

These are real stories of women choosing life after being directed to hopeful options through Heroic Media campaigns.  These are all stories you have helped to tell.

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Arianna’s Story

I walked into a Pennsylvania pregnancy center considering abortion. I already had 2 kids at home, a 4-year-old and a 6-month-old, so finding out I was pregnant again so soon after I had a baby was scary! I didn’t know what I was going to do but seeing my baby on the sonogram machine changed my mind. It just wouldn’t have been fair to get rid of my baby. Not too long after the scan, I found out I was having a boy and it made me really happy because I have 2 daughters already! I ended up having my son on Thanksgiving Day!

Tara’s Story

Tara, a mother who was facing an unexpected pregnancy and searched for abortion-related terms online found our pregnancy center’s ad campaign set up by Heroic Media. She was determined to have an abortion, but agreed to come in and speak with a peer counselor. After the counseling session, she had a sonogram. Even after the sonogram, she still thought she could never go through with birthing a baby. Tara agreed to pray with us and left. One hour later, she called our center and asked for her counselor and said “I haven’t even told my parents yet, but I wanted to tell you, I’m having this baby.”

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Kim’s Story

Kim called into a pregnancy center referred by a campaign we are running in Texas. She inquired about termination and was offered a sonogram. Afterwards, she left still thinking to abort. A month later, she chose to have a second sonogram which revealed not one baby, but two! We found out she is carrying twins and has made the decision to carry and parent!

Macey’s Story

Macey was searching for abortion information online when she called the number on our new Heroic Media landing page. After recently moving in with her boyfriend, she became pregnant. He already had two other children and felt they were not ready for another. Macey agreed. After a free ultrasound and answering her questions on suction abortion, they decided to have the baby. Macey’s life is precious, as is the little jewel growing inside of her.

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Jenny’s Story

A nursing student and mother of a young child, Jenny lived with her parents. She called a partner women’s clinic after finding them through a Heroic Media online ad. Having had two abortions in the past she considered aborting this child as well. After a visit to the help clinic she chose life.

Candice’s Story

Candice, a mother of two, came in for abortion counseling due to financial struggles. After counsel and a sonogram she left more knowledgeable. She returned for another sonogram and decided to keep the baby. She and the baby’s father left happy with a handful of photos of their baby to come.

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