Saving More Babies’ Lives from Abortion

Have you ever tried to persuade a pregnant woman who wants to get an abortion that she should instead choose life? It is not an easy task. Just ask the courageous folks who do sidewalk counseling outside of abortion clinics.

Their victories are few and far between but they soldier on.


Because even if all their efforts failed except for just one case, one time where they helped a woman change her mind about getting an abortion, it would all be worth it.

That’s how valuable human life is.

Folks who are passionate about saving lives from abortion understand to their core that if members of our society aren’t willing to protect the lives of innocent unborn children, then our society will descend into further barbarism.

I know that barbarism is a strong word, but if you have watched any of the undercover videos by Center for Medical Progress showing Planned Parenthood employees talking about aborted babies, can you think of any other word that describes it?

Thank God for pro-life advocacy groups who have the courage to reveal what Planned Parenthood is really all about. One thing is for sure, they are not about women’s health.

So while the ramifications of the Planned Parenthood videos continues to unfold, there are still approximately 3,000 abortions in the U.S. every day.

It’s a number that’s hard to wrap your head around.

Pro-life groups across the country labor every day to stem the tide of demand for abortion so that these numbers will continue to fall.

Advocacy and education groups try to plant seeds in people’s minds about the value of human life; legislative groups fight for laws at all levels of government to protect the rights of the unborn; and service groups like pregnancy clinics offer true life-affirming help that takes into account the health of two lives, both the mother’s and the unborn child’s.

At Heroic Media, we’ve been involved in this battle for over 10 years.

Our primary focus has been on using advertising to reach out to abortion-minded women and connect them to pregnancy clinics in their local communities.

By the grace of God, we have had success helping save babies’ lives, almost 10,000 in the last 5 years. I say “helping” save live because ultimately it is the compassionate counselors at the pregnancy centers who help women change their minds about getting an abortion.

Yet, when we mined all of our data to see how many abortion-minded women we had reached with our advertising last year, we discovered that it was only a small percentage, just over 10%.

Looking at that result another way, almost 9 out of 10 women who go online today to look for information about getting an abortion will not see one of our ads, ads that would connect them to a life-affirming pregnancy clinic instead of an abortion service provider.

Now before you judge our results too harshly….

Let me assure you that this result has nothing to do with a limitation in the system we use to reach out to these women.

Actually, the system is beautiful in its simplicity and scaleability.

As unbelievable as it may sound, if I directed our team to do so, in a matter of days we could launch an online advertising campaign that would reach every woman who searched online for information about getting an abortion in every community in the entire country.

Isn’t that amazing?

That’s why I came to work at Heroic Media. As a post-abortive father I wanted to find the most effective way to try to persuade women facing unplanned pregnancies not to make the same mistake that my girlfriend and I made so long ago.

When I saw the data, the real results, showing how effective Heroic’s campaigns were at helping save lives from abortion, I knew I had to be a part of it.

So why then aren’t we reaching 9 out of 10?

That’s easy. It’s a question of money.

As hard as it is to say, demand for abortions is so high that it takes us $750,000 every month to reach every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in every community, 24/7/365.

That is a lot of money.

But I know from our data that every time we plug more money into our online advertising system, more babies’ lives get saved from abortion.

So we at Heroic Media are committing ourselves that within five years, by the year 2020, every time a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy searches online for information about getting an abortion, she will see one of our ads.

10 out of 10 times.

It’s a bold and exciting vision and our team at Heroic prays together every morning for guidance and help in achieving this mission as soon as possible.

You can learn more about Heroic Media’s Vision 2020 by clicking on this link: Heroic Media Vision 2020

Most importantly, please join us in continuing to pray constantly for women facing unplanned pregnancies who feel that abortion is their only “choice.”

We receive many save stories about abortion-minded women who changed their minds and chose life, and they always say how they can’t believe that they ever even considered aborting their precious children.

Let’s work together to make sure that more women choose life.

God Bless.

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Brett Attebery

Brett Attebery

Vice President of Marketing at Heroic Media
While attending a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat Brett experienced profound healing and forgiveness for the role he played in the abortion of his own child many years ago. Following the retreat he decided to dedicate himself full-time to the pro-life cause. Brett is the founder and publisher of Pro-Life Magazine and the Executive Director of Maria’s Choice, a crowdfunding website dedicated to raising money for pregnant women who have become abortion-minded because they are having trouble making ends meet financially. Brett and his wife Eri have been blessed with three amazing children, Kevin, Rachel, and Sean.
Brett Attebery

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