Marketing Services

Heroic Media is committed to creating the most effective pro-life media advertisements.

We use extensive research and testing to produce video content that speaks effectively to the needs of young women who are at risk of getting an abortion.

We track viewing metrics on all our ad campaigns to make sure we are reaching our target audience, and that our ads are having the desired effect.

Our primary target audience is women aged 18-29 because research shows that 70% of all abortions in the United States are by women in this age group.

Below you can preview some of our video content.

If your organization would like to use our video content to promote a life-affirming message in your community, please let us know about your ideas. We offer very generous licensing terms.

For more information please contact us using our Contact Form.

Pregnancy Help Center Branding


Teen Angst

We Can Help (English)

Moving Baby

Agonizing Decisions

Just Fine

I Get It

We Can Help (Spanish)


College Campus


Last Year

The Adoption Option

Attitude Change and Education

Melissa Ohden Deserve a Chance

Just the Facts

The Apology

Baby Parts

85 Days

I Am a Life