By the Year 2020, Every Woman Searching Online for Information about Getting an Abortion will See an Ad Placed by Heroic Media

We have had over 1 million responses to our ads since we began advertising online in 2010.

Still, our research shows that our ads are only reaching 10% of the communities where women facing unexpected pregnancies search online for information about getting an abortion.
Sadly, that’s how high the demand is for abortion “services”.
The goal of Heroic Media’s Vision 2020 is to make sure that by the year 2020 our ads appear 100% of the time in every community across the country, 24/7/365, so that every woman facing an unexpected pregnancy has an opportunity to choose life for her child.

We Have a Proven System that You Can Use, TODAY, to Help Save a Life from Abortion.



We place ads right were an abortion-minded woman is searching online for information about getting an abortion.


Compassionate Intervention
Proven Effective
Targeted Demographic


Connect them to Life-Affirming Pregnancy Help Centers and Adoption Agencies in local communities across the country.


Local Organizations
Trained Counselors



Save countless preborn babies’ lives. Plus save countless pregnant women from the hurt of abortion.


Receive Mercy and Love
Emotional Support
Post-birth Support
Wouldn’t You Like to Give Every Woman a Chance to Choose Life?

Reach. Connect. Save.

That’s what we do 24/7/365 through our Crisis Pregnancy Response (CPR) Internet Advertising System.

We need $750,000 every month to reach EVERY woman in the United States who searches online for information about getting an abortion.
That’s our Vision 2020.
We are 100% donor-supported so we ask that you prayerfully consider helping us make Vision 2020 a reality.

Send Her a Message of Hope.

We Can’t Do This Life-Saving Work Without You

Simply, the more ads we can run, the more life stories of these women and their preborn children we can help rewrite. From tragedy to triumph. From loss to LIFE.

There are many places in our country where we don’t yet have the funds to run our online ads so we are missing the opportunity to help women and save lives.

We need friends like you. Friends whose support pays for the messages of hope that we deliver to these women all day long, every day.

Please check below for our different giving opportunities to help us achieve Vision 2020.

My Sister’s Keeper

Your monthly membership gifts enable us to consistently run advertisements that reach women facing unexpected pregnancies. These ads are lifelines that connect women to compassionate organizations that can help them change their minds about getting and abortion, and instead choose life for their preborn children.

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Gabriel’s Patrons

If the Lord has blessed you financially and you have a passion for saving babies from abortion, please consider becoming a member of Gabriel’s Patrons. Offering gifts that save even one life from abortion is a beautiful work of mercy. Gabriel’s Patrons give so generously that many lives are saved from abortion each year.

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One-Time Gifts

Thank you so much for having a passion to save the lives of preborn children. Every 30 seconds, another woman will get an abortion. We will quickly put to use a gift of any size that you can offer to run advertising that connects women facing unexpected pregnancies with Pregnancy Help Centers in their local communities.

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Thank You for Your Prayers!

Thank You for Your Generosity!