Our Mission

Help Save Lives from Abortion

We use advertising to reach women facing unexpected pregnancies and connect them with life-affirming organizations that can help them choose life for their preborn children.

Our Core Values

We Are Faith Based

We place God first in all that we do. We trust God to meet our needs. We strive to be a blessing to other people.

We Pursue Excellence

We know that it is a privilege to serve God in this important work. We strive to be excellent in every aspect of our work.


Bill-o-reilly “Confrontation is one way to deal with problems. To make inroads with abortion, Heroic Media’s positive plan is the right plan.”

Bill O’Reilly
Former Host of “The O’Reilly Factor” and Author

“Your investment in the work of Heroic Media is the most important you will ever make. A human life is irreplaceable, and the lives you save are forever written on the map of humanity.”

Barbara L. Lyons
Executive Director, The Veritas Society of Wisconsin

“Heroic Media is a positive, proactive, and powerful voice for pre-born children and their mothers…they are uniting pro-lifers…in a bold media campaign that has a proven track record for saving lives.”

David Bereit
Founder, 40 Days for Life
Founding Executive Director, Coalition for Life

“I applaud Heroic Media’s efforts to educate women about the full-range of resources and options available to them in a crisis pregnancy. Women have a right to be fully informed about the life-giving choices available to them and their children, and Heroic Media is there to ensure women enjoy that right.”

Laura Ingraham
National Syndicated Talk Show Host and Author

“The Heroic Media ad campaign is one of the most exciting education projects currently going. I fully support it, and I believe that this campaign has the potential to save thousands of unborn children and their mothers from the tragedy of abortion.”

Joe Pojman, Ph.D.,
Executive Director, Texas Alliance for Life

“Many women facing crisis pregnancies know where the nearest abortion facility is; Heroic Media makes sure they know where to find centers to help them and their babies with emotional support, physical assistance, and friendship. Heroic Media’s Internet messages are designed to ‘pop up’ first or second with key words these women use. Simply, Heroic Media is where these women are and Heroic Media provides the hope they desperately long for.”

Dr. David W. Smith
Executive Director, Austin Baptist Association

“I have experienced first hand the effectiveness of strategically planned and executed television campaigns in changing public opinion on the abortion issue and dramatically reducing the abortion ratio. I commend Heroic Media for their foresight in bringing this highly effective program.”

Sandra Choate Faucher
President, Rosetta Foundation

“I was very much impressed by the Heroic Media television spots…I certainly appreciate and understand the need for a wider audience and the ecumenical and inter-religious dimension that they appeal to. I wholeheartedly support Heroic Media and their efforts.”

Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond
Archbishop, Diocese of New Orleans

“Alone, we are only one voice. But together, and with this media campaign, we are a force. We all know the power of television and how it can move numbers, and Heroic Media, with its highly professional approach, sways people to a position of life and motivates existing pro-life individuals to action.”

Zell Miller
Former Senator and Governor of Georgia

“The message is so powerful, the medium so pervasive, that it may be the only chance some young woman, or even some young man, may have to get it right. Pray for Heroic Media. Pray for those who are going to go out and do their best to put together a commercial that is going to lead a young woman to make the right decision…”

Col. Oliver North
Combat Decorated U.S. Marine, Author and Correspondent for Fox News

“I think my dad would agree with Heroic Media’s philosophy as he knew how mass media impacts culture.”

Michael Reagan
Syndicated Talk Show Host and Author
(son of Pres. Ronald Reagan)

Organization Stewardship

Mr. Coffey is Vice President of The Papal Foundation. The Papal Foundation, with its members, the Stewards of St. Peter, assisted the Holy Fathers Saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI with over $70 million in solutions for poverty relief and also evangelization outreach since 1988.
Mr. Follett is the President of Majella Cares and founded Heroic Media in 2004 to place life-affirming advertising in large media markets. Brian brings his experience from a family-owned business and has served on several boards to support the culture of life and faith.
Mrs. Lyons has served as the Executive Director for Wisconsin Right to Life since 1987. She is a graduate of Creighton University and serves faithfully on multiple boards directed at promoting life.
Mr. D’Andrea currently represents numerous landowners and small businesses in Ohio. He has been involved in Business and Personal Injury cases and litigation for over 30 years. Previously he was a Director of Development in Summit County, Ohio, and Akron City Councilman from 1979-1989. He is passionate about pro-life and serves on multiple boards promoting the culture of life. He is married to Mary Anne, and a father of five children.
Mr. Perkins is Senior Director of Philanthropy for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), and manages their advancement strategy nationwide. Prior to FOCUS, Mike had several appointments to serve in development, advancement and consulting capacities nationwide. Mike’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from the University of Dallas.

Our Board Members