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Provide Abortion Alternatives

Your donation funds ads that compete with abortion facility ads and connect women with pro-life facilities.

Measure Impact

We report the results of donations and show you how many lives were saved.

Help & Empower Women

Help women move from thinking they’ve made a mistake to feeling empowered by the beauty of motherhood.

For Many Women Abortion Feels Like The Only Option

Abortion facility ads dominate internet searches when a scared woman looks up “abortion help.”

  • They feel trapped
  • They feel hopeless
  • They feel ashamed
  • They feel like life is not an option

Your Donation Helps Mothers Choose Life Through Online Ads

Our Ads Connect Women Seeking Help To Pro-Life Facilities.

We design and run professionally made online ads that connect women searching for abortion help to pro-life facilities that save babies’ lives.

Saving Babies’ Lives Is Simple

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We Run Online Ads

Your donation funds ads that make choosing life an option for scared mothers

You Save Lives

We show you how many lives were saved with regular updates.

You Want To Know You’re Saving Lives

We understand you want to donate to an organization doing work that impacts the abortion epidemic. That’s why we track and measure results of all online ads, making a direct connection between your donations and the mothers you helped and the babies you saved.

Example of Ad Campaign Response Metrics

“It’s important to get the word out to women who are facing unexpected pregnancies – where they can find help. Right now the loudest voice out there is people who will hurt them. It’s been 18 years since my abortion and I’ve continued to seek healing to this day… Because it never goes away.”
“I know the money I spend is saving lives. There’s no other organization that I have spent time with that does that.”

Bill Sladek
“My first question was, how do we know we’re saving lives? And Heroic Media did a great job proving they could track their results.”

Pierre Koshakji

You Can Help Women Choose Life

Pro-abortion advertising normalizes giving precious human lives over to death. No woman should have to believe the lie that having a baby will ruin her life. No woman should have to live with the consequences of aborting a child.


You can save a baby’s life by donating today.

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