In shock, Mary searched the internet for abortion information from the hospital, triggering Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad to populate at the top.

Immediately connecting to one of OAASYS’s Pregnancy Help Center partners in Dallas, Texas, Mary explained that she was at the hospital to have some tests run when she was informed she was pregnant!

Her life had been rocky for quite some time, and she felt certain she wouldn’t be able to care for a baby.

Mary said she wanted to abort.

The hotline staff learned that Mary was homeless, had no car, and was fresh out of prison.

Mary also shared that she had a history of anxiety and depression, and that “the only way she’d survived prison” was “by her strong willpower, prayer, and medication for her mental illnesses.”

Mary was profoundly conflicted, simultaneously stating, “I don’t want to kill my baby,” yet, in the next breath saying, “I want my family out of my life for telling me to parent instead of abort!”

Mary hung up the phone, truly confused about what to do.

A month later, Mary reached out a second time.

She was leaning toward keeping her baby.

The client advocate encouraged her to come in right away for an ultrasound – transportation included if Mary needed.

Lunch was also provided, and Mary was offered additional food and gift cards to assist with her expenses and help ease her burdens.

Maternity homes were discussed as a possible good fit, and when Mary expressed interest, her advocate walked her through the application process.

Despite her interest, Mary left the appointment still undecided about aborting or keeping her baby.

Follow-up calls to Mary proved unsuccessful, and for about a month it was unclear as to what had become of her and her baby.

Mary eventually reached out again, letting the center know that she had been admitted to a hospital for attempting suicide.

She was back home, and, thanks be to God, had decided not to abort!

She asked about receiving counseling and insurance help.

Mary knew from experiencing the compassion and support at her first appointments, that if anyone would support her, it was the client advocates at the pregnancy center.

And they delivered – connecting her with free licensed professional counseling and helping her find an OBGYN for prenatal care.

As the months progressed, Mary “went silent” again.

The next call was from Mary’s mother, sharing the difficult news that Mary was back in jail – but also the good news that she had stayed true to her decision not to abort, and upon her baby’s birth, had given full custody to her mother.

The center immediately sprang into providing support for Mary’s mother and the baby.

She was offered all available services plus assistance in finding a pediatrician for her new grandchild.

When she came in, she received mentoring from the nurse and was given baby formula and a supply of baby gear and clothes for the baby’s entire first year!

Prayers continue for Mary, as well as ongoing support for this sweet baby and his loving grandmother – which would not have been possible without your support of OAASYS.

Praise God and thank you!

Psalm 118:5: “Out of my distress I called on the Lord;
the Lord answered me and set me free.”