A Love Box: Janelle – A Save Story from Tampa, Florida

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It had been a rough couple of years for Janelle.

A single mother of two, it was all she could do to provide a living for them.

The father of her oldest child was a “deadbeat dad” from whom she received no support, and he wanted nothing to do with his son.

The father of her second child had passed away.

Janelle had been trying to get her life back together and to create a positive future for her children, and was working to open her own business to support her family.

However, loneliness led Janelle to begin a relationship with a man she knew, deep down inside, was yet another wrong decision.

Just as she was going to break things off, she found out she was pregnant.

Searching online for abortion information, Janelle thought she was calling an abortion facility when she called the number on the Heroic Media ad placed to connect searchers to
our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Tampa.

She inquired about the abortion pill, stating, “It is my only option. I cannot have another child I can’t care for.”

Janelle was educated about the importance of getting a pre-abortion ultrasound, and an appointment was made.

During her intake session with her client advocate, it became apparent that Janelle’s overwhelming fear was the main factor driving her abortion decision.

The client advocate countered Janelle’s fears with God’s truths – and then Janelle saw her little baby on the ultrasound screen!

At the end of her appointment, Janelle was presented with a “Love Box,” which the center gives to all pregnant single moms.

When Janelle opened the box and saw all of the gifts inside, her demeanor changed.

With tears in her eyes, she said, “Thank you for changing my mind.”

The new knowledge that there were people who loved her and her preborn child gave Janelle the courage she needed to make the empowering decision for life.

Ultimately, Janelle miscarried her baby.

However, she was spared of the regret of an abortion because a Love Box had helped her make the choice for life.

Your support of Heroic Media helped make the Love Box a reality for Janelle and gave her the courage she needed!


1 John 4:18: “… perfect love casts out fear…

Elaine Russo

Elaine Russo

Elaine Russo is Heroic Media's Director of Pregnancy Center Training. A graduate of Brown University and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Counseling, Elaine has been actively involved in pregnancy center ministry for the past 15 years, during which she served as the Executive Director of pregnancy medical centers in Boston and Philadelphia. Elaine joined the Heroic Media team in July 2014. One of her main passions is to help equip Pregnancy Help Centers to increase their outreach to individuals at risk for abortion and to be the first responders in an unexpected pregnancy. Elaine and her husband, Chris, reside in Virginia with their three young children.

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