Jana and her family were new to Texas, and the adjustment was proving more challenging than expected.

Even though Jana and her husband both had full-time jobs, the cost of daycare for their two small children combined with their day-to-day living expenses seemed overwhelming.

They felt like they were “barely surviving” financially.

So much so that the idea of adding another child caused them to make a pact: If they got pregnant again, they would abort the baby.

Unbeknownst to them, their desperate “pact” would soon be tested.

Shortly after they’d made their agreement, Jana suspected she might be pregnant and took a home pregnancy test.

The test was positive.

Frantic, she began looking for an abortion facility online.

Thanks to your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ads, she was immediately connected with one of OAASYS’s Pregnancy Help Center partners in Dallas, Texas instead.

Jana’s frustration was evident.

She told the client advocate on the other side of the phone, “I am not OK – financially or emotionally – and I want to terminate my pregnancy.”

She made an appointment to be seen.

At her appointment, she confided: “I know we decided to have an abortion, but now I’m not sure I can do it…

“I bonded very closely with both of my children when they were in the womb…

“I’m already feeling connected to this new baby…

“…but the timing is horrible… and financially… we just can’t do it.”

Conflicted during the discussion on abortion procedures, she broke down.

Through her tears she confessed: “I never thought I’d be in this position.

“We already made a pact…

“But… my husband told me he would be supportive no matter what I choose.”

Her advocate listened compassionately as Jana expressed her concerns.

To help ease some of the young Mom’s burden, Jana was given toddler clothing, diapers, and food.

She left thankful, but still very conflicted.

A few days later, Jana called and admitted that she had made an appointment for an abortion – but wanted to come in before going to the abortion facility so she could get an ultrasound and see her baby.

By the time Jana arrived for her sonogram, she told her advocate that her final decision had been made.

Jana and her husband had thought through everything she’d learned at her first appointment – and decided to cancel the abortion appointment and parent their baby!

She said: “Every time I thought about my abortion appointment, I just couldn’t go through with it.”

She signed up for free counseling services and accepted additional material resources to help support her family.

Months later, just days after picking up a set of newborn outfits and gifts from the center, she gave birth to her son.

A few weeks after the delivery, the new mother of three called the center to let them know that they were doing well, and that she and her husband were already back to work.

To further aid her newly expanded family, Jana was given additional postpartum and parenting assistance.

She was overcome with gratitude and assured the pregnancy center that she would be taking advantage of their services.

Praise be to God – and thank you for the critical role you played in this young family’s life story!

Proverbs 16:9: “In their hearts, humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”