Making assumptions without confirming their veracity leads to actions that take us down the wrong paths.

Some of the most damaging assumptions are those we make about God, as they affect our relationship with Him and impede our ability to receive His love.

For a woman considering abortion, a common assumption she makes about God is, “since she had ‘messed up’ by getting pregnant in the first place, He is angry with her, and she has fallen out of grace.”

Thankfully, God, in His great mercy, will guide us back to His truth if we only open our hearts to receive it!

Bailey’s decision to have an abortion upon discovering that she was pregnant was based on mistake assumptions.

First, she believed that her boyfriend was “going to freak” if she told him of her pregnancy, and he would end their relationship.

Second, there would be “no way” she could raise a child on her own!

And third, she felt alienated from God because she had transgressed what she had been taught in church by getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Surely” He was upset with her!

How could He still love her?

Her assumptions left her feeling alone and abandoned.

Searching the internet for abortion options, Bailey found Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad at the top of her search results.

She would later discover that this was not a “random discovery” but, rather, God’s affirmation that He had not abandoned her and loved her in spite of her mistakes!

OAASYS’s ad connected her to our Pregnancy Help Center partner in New Orleans, Louisiana, which brought life-affirming help her way!

Seeing her baby on the ultrasound screen during her appointment moved Bailey greatly, but the weight of her assumptions regarding her boyfriend still rendered her susceptible to the abortion option.

Her client advocate compassionately shared God’s love for her and her baby, and encouraged her to not let what she thought would be her boyfriend’s response prevent her from choosing God’s best for her – which would be to continue with the gift and blessing of her pregnancy.

Bailey left the appointment still undecided about what she would do, but it was clear the counseling and ultrasound she’d received made an impact.

A few days later, the client advocate called Bailey to follow up with her.

Bailey excitedly shared that not only had she told her parents about her pregnancy, she had also finally broken the news to her boyfriend.

To her shock and amazement, his response was completely contrary to her assumption: he expressed great excitement!!

In fact, from the time she’d shared the news, he began carrying the ultrasound picture of their baby in his wallet – and then proposed marriage!

Disabusing herself of the assumption that God was upset with her was what empowered Bailey with the courage to reveal her pregnancy to her boyfriend, which led to the discovery that her assumption about his reaction was false.

Your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS helped knock down the dominoes of false assumptions for Bailey, and ultimately resulted in saving the life of her baby.


2 Timothy 1:7: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of
love and of a sound mind.