Luisa’s hands quivered as she pulled out her phone and searched for an abortion facility.

She was desperate for anyone to help her make sense of her unexpected pregnancy.

Thanks to your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS (On-demand Alternatives to Abortion SYStem) Emergency Response ads, she was connected with OAASYS’s Pregnancy Help Center partner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She swiftly dialed the number on the screen.

On the other end of the line, a warm and understanding voice greeted her.

Within moments, Luisa made an appointment to be seen.

The following morning at the center, Luisa recounted her situation to her client advocate.

She explained how her relationship with the father of the baby had been tumultuous.

Their year-long connection had been marred by constant arguments and disagreements.

Luisa had finally reached a point where she realized she deserved better treatment.

But when she told him about the pregnancy, his excitement about it surprised her.

He was even willing to attend therapy to mend their relationship.

Luisa was torn between her desire for a healthy family environment and her fear of repeating history.

Her own mother had faced a similar situation, but chose not to have an abortion.

Although Luisa knew her life was “turning out well” despite not being raised by both parents, the longing for a non-toxic, nurturing family dynamic persisted.

Could she bring a baby into her current situation?

Or “better” to abort…?

Throughout her information session, Luisa engaged actively, her questions reflecting her deep consideration of her options.

She confided that the idea of an abortion “went against the morals she’d been raised with,” though she admitted to moments of doubt.

She accepted the offer to receive an ultrasound as she continued to consider her options.

During the ultrasound, her heart swelled as she saw her “little bean” beaming from the screen.

In that moment Luisa definitively decided against getting an abortion and chose life!

Empowered with her decision to continue her pregnancy and embrace the life of her child, she was now determined to salvage her relationship with the baby’s father, and together they began counseling.

The path wasn’t smooth, however, as he soon backed out of their apartment plans, leaving her financially stranded.

Despite the setbacks, Luisa persevered with unwavering positivity.

She found solace in sharing her journey with others, appreciating the support she received from the pregnancy center.

As her pregnancy progressed, she felt the weight of loneliness – but the reassurance of the center’s presence buoyed her spirits.

Her voice quivered with emotion as she expressed her gratitude for the phone calls and check-ins.

The constant reminder that she wasn’t alone provided immeasurable comfort.