Oftentimes, a woman chooses abortion because she has been taken in by the patent falsehood that her baby was “not a life,” or she avoids acknowledging the truth of what abortion does to her preborn child.

Yet, oftentimes, even when she is confronted with the evidence of the life of her baby, and the mechanism by which abortion annihilates that life, the overwhelming stresses she faces still render her vulnerable to the abortion option, all too prevalent in our current culture.

It is only when her eyes are opened to the unmistakable evidence of God’s love and goodness towards her that she is empowered to choose life for her preborn child!

Briana was still in high school and had already had a prior abortion.

She found out she was pregnant again, and initially, she and her boyfriend decided to continue with the pregnancy.

However, she quickly found that intractable life circumstances influenced her to change her mind.

She was living with her grandmother and sister and had quit school so she could work to provide for her family.

She was, unfortunately, let go from her job because of the pandemic and feared her family would become homeless.

In light of these circumstances, she “could not see how” she could raise a child.

She decided another abortion would be the “best answer.”

Thankfully, your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS meant that her internet search for abortion providers triggered OAASYS’s Emergency Response ad which connected her to our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

Moved by the compassionate counseling she received on the phone, Briana made an appointment to have an ultrasound right away.

The clear evidence she was given of her baby’s life blew her away!

She shared that she had no idea how developed her baby was, and was shocked to learn more about abortion procedures and the possible risks.

She exclaimed that she would not have gone through with her first abortion had she been given the right information!

Knowing what she now knew, she did not believe she could have another abortion.

Additionally, her client advocate helped her see the strong hand of God in her situation.

Briana felt the clear evidence of His love for her and her baby!

Empowered thus, she made the courageous choice for life!

Jesus said that if we know the truth, it will set us free.

THANK YOU for helping to bring the evidence of His truthto Briana and so many pregnant mothers like her, setting them free to choose lifefor their babies!

John 8:32: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”