But God.”

Just two little words, yet packed with power and importance.

In fact, so significant are these two words that they are found in the Bible 3,930 times!

When everything “seems like it’s over” and that “hope is all but lost”: But God!

We serve a God with Whom there is no impossibility, no mountain so big He cannot move, no situation so desperate He cannot redeem!

As soon as Simone, a high school student in a relationship with an older man, found out she was pregnant and shared the news with him, he immediately pressured her to have an abortion.

She faced the same pressure from her family, who did not approve of her boyfriend and were especially concerned by the age difference.

Feeling backed into a corner, Simone searched the internet for the closest abortion facility in her city, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where there was no shortage of abortion providers.

But God!

Instead of clicking on the ad of an abortion business, Simone landed on Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad, was connected instantly to our Philadelphia Pregnancy Help Center partner, and made an appointment to be seen!

Simone shared with her client advocate at the pregnancy center that she “didn’t even believe in abortion” – and had even participated in the March for Life in Washington, D.C.!

However, faced now with her own unexpected pregnancy, she did not think she had “another option” – especially with the strong pressure being exerted by those closest to her to have an abortion.

She was also concerned that she would not have the financial wherewithal to have a baby without the support of the baby’s father or her family, and was afraid her pre-existing health conditions would be exacerbated by the pregnancy.

But God!

He knew what Simone was going through and He used the ultrasound to dramatically steer her back towards Him.

Seeing the fully formed body of her tiny baby made a huge difference in Simone’s abortion decision.

She shared that she did not think she could have an abortion “after seeing her baby has arms and legs,” and that the ultrasound “brightened her day.”

Her boyfriend had been trying to convince her that the baby was “just a blood clot at this stage,” but clearly, the ultrasound proved otherwise!

Simone returned a few days later for a follow-up appointment.

She revealed that she had actually scheduled twice to have an abortion, and that her guardian was going to sign off on the abortion for her since she was still a minor.

Yet, both times, she could not go through with the abortion!

God had clearly intervened!

Now firm in her decision to continue with her pregnancy, she shared that her family was slowly becoming more supportive, and she was striving to cut off all ties with the baby’s unsupportive father.

Only God could have turned this situation around and given her the peace she expressed she was feeling about her choice for life!

Your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS helped Simone – and so many young mothers like her – to powerfully experience all the “But God!” interventions in their unexpected pregnancies, which help lead them to choose life.

THANK YOU and God bless you!

Psalm 73:26: “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart.”