Emma was 19 years old when she found herself caught in a whirlwind of emotions and uncertainties.

She was single and unexpectedly pregnant, in a relationship with the father of the baby, but their bond was strained.

His anger and resentment about the pregnancy made her question whether staying in the relationship was the right choice.

As the weight of her situation pressed heavily upon her, Emma considered getting an abortion, and turned to the internet in search of a nearby abortion facility.

Thanks to your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS (On-demand Alternatives to Abortion SYStem) Emergency Response ads, she was connected with OAASYS’s Pregnancy Help Center partner in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma instead, and made an appointment.

During her appointment, Emma shared that she considered herself a Christian and found solace in her faith.

She believed in the power of prayer, trusting that God would hear her pleas for guidance.

As she sat in the office of the pregnancy center, her eyes filled with tears as her client advocate spoke to her kindly and compassionately.

She reassured Emma that God was aware of her struggles and loved her unconditionally, regardless of her circumstances.

This message resonated deeply within Emma’s heart, and she listened attentively, taking solace in the words spoken to her.

Emma confessed that it went against her beliefs to consider aborting her baby, but she remained undecided.

Her advocate had empathy for her predicament and proceeded to provide her with comprehensive information about abortion procedures and fetal development, ensuring that Emma had all the necessary facts to make an informed decision.

Still uncertain, Emma then had an ultrasound.

As she gazed at the screen, her heart swelled with a mixture of awe and tenderness.

She saw the tiny form growing inside her – a precious life that held infinite possibilities…

The sight tugged at her heartstrings, deepening her connection to her preborn child.

Two days later, Emma received a call from her advocate with the results of her STD testing.

The test was negative, and Emma felt a rush of relief and joy fill her being.

In that moment, with her natural maternal instincts kicking in, she “knew what she had to do.”

Empowered with the truth and newfound determination, Emma made the decision against an abortion and to keep her baby!

She recognized that her faith and the empathic support she received from the pregnancy center had guided her towards this choice.

Taking immediate responsibility for her decision, she made an appointment for prenatal care, demonstrating her commitment to her preborn child’s well-being.

As Emma embraced her future as a young mother, she found strength and hope in her faith.

With the support of the pregnancy center, and her unwavering belief in God’s love, Emma embarked on a journey that she knew would challenge her, but also reward her with immeasurable joy and blessings.

Praise God!

And thank you for the critical role you played in helping empower Emma to make this beautiful decision for LIFE!

You are heroic!

Galatians 6:2: Bear one another’s burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ.