The crises we experience in life can feel akin to “being in a hot fiery furnace.”

Yet, God’s promise of protection and deliverance never fails His children.

In God’s sovereign care, “fiery trials” can become the means by which we experience His manifest presence in deeper measure.

The furnace is not where our faith is destroyed, but, rather, where our faith can be transformed.

We can be “fearless in the fire” because our God is always faithful!

For Jenna, finding out she was pregnant was tantamount to “being tossed into a fiery furnace.”

She had not intended to get pregnant, and was actually on the cusp of breaking up with her boyfriend.

Unsure that they would have any kind of future together, she could not even think about how they would raise a child.

Even though Jenna did not believe that abortion was right, the fear she felt rendered her thoroughly conflicted.

Jenna turned to the internet, and by divine appointment, found Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad in her search results.

OAASYS’s ad created an instant connection for her with our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Akron, Ohio, and paved the way for her deliverance “out of the fire”!

When Jenna met with her client advocate at our partner center, she tearfully exclaimed, “I made a grown-up decision, and now I have to accept the grown-up consequences.”

Her client advocate helped Jenna process through the shame she was feeling about the choices she had made in her relationship, and most importantly, showed her that God loved her and had not forsaken her.

The pregnancy was not an unexpected “glitch” that God had not anticipated: He had a purpose for the unrepeatable life she carried within her!

And He was using this unexpected pregnancy to transform Jenna and to call her back into a deeper relationship with Him!

When Jenna came to understand God’s overarching plan for her and her baby, she knew that abortion was not the means by which she would be “saved from the fire,” but, rather, it would plunge her into more dire straits.

Making the choice for life would be a means of God’s salvation for her, and He would be faithful to accomplish every promise He had made!

THANK YOU for helping Jenna choose life for her child through your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS.

You helped give her “faith in the fire” and made a critical difference in her life and that of her precious child!

Matthew 7:11: “If you then… know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him.”