The missionary Amy Carmichael once said, “Our feelings do not affect God’s facts.”

Indeed, God’s Truths are not contingent on how we feel about Him or our perception of our circumstances.

These feelings may come and go, but God, the Unchanging One, stays the same.

His promises stand firm through the ages.

When we base our decisions on His facts rather than on ephemeral feelings, we take hold of His promised abundant life for us!

Elizabeth was a teenager who found herself in a situation she wished she did not have to face: an unexpected pregnancy.

She knew other teens her age who had been pregnant and chose abortion.

They made it seem like abortion was not at all a “big deal,” but a “risk-free” solution which allowed them to go back to living their lives free from the constraints of being a parent.

These friends further perpetuated the lie marketed by the abortion industry, that abortion was “the natural and easy solution” to an unexpected pregnancy.

Feeling overwhelmed and afraid, Elizabeth looked up abortion options on her smartphone, searching for the nearest abortion provider.

Her search instantly triggered Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad.

She called the phone number on the landing page, connecting with OAASYS’s Pregnancy Help Center partner in Tulsa, Oklahoma instead of an abortion provider, thanks be to God!

During her intake session at the pregnancy center, Elizabeth broke down and shared with her client advocate how the emotions she was experiencing were the primary motivator behind her abortion decision.

Her family and the father of her baby were supportive of her continuing with the pregnancy – but the anxiety and fear she was experiencing were obscuring the fact that she was not alone in her crisis.

With great compassion, her client advocate helped her discern between the facts of her circumstances and her feelings.

Her feelings told her she was “bereft and forsaken,” yet the facts were that not only did she have the support of her family and boyfriend, God her Father was ultimately her Provider Who was holding her close.

Elizabeth was also misinformed about the facts of what abortion entailed.

Once her client advocate shared the truth of the physical and emotional impacts of abortion, she was shocked.

No longer did abortion seem to be as “risk-free” and “simple a procedure” as she had thought.

Elizabeth’s client advocate encouraged her to bring her boyfriend with her for the ultrasound appointment.

She became especially emotional when she saw her baby’s beating heart.

Seeing the ultrasound of her baby further cemented the fact of the life she was carrying and changed her original feelings about being pregnant.

Instead of the crippling fear, her feelings now came into alignment with the facts that the life of her baby was precious and that God would provide what she needed for both of them because of His steadfast love.

She chose life!

Your generosity in giving towards God’s Kingdom work helped Elizabeth see that God’s facts are greater than her feelings, ultimately helping her make the choice for life.

THANK YOU and God bless you!

1 John 3:20: “God is greater than our feelings…