Samantha sat on her bed, staring blankly at the pregnancy test in her hand.

Two pink lines…

A “cruel twist of fate”?

She had just broken up with her boyfriend Mark after discovering his secret family.

The shock of betrayal still lingered.

And now she faced a new dilemma.

She knew Mark wouldn’t offer any support for her or the baby.

The thought of raising a child alone, just as she had been raised, filled her with anxiety.

Samantha already had a son from a previous relationship, and the weight of the responsibility felt overwhelming.

Desperate to try to find a solution, she turned to the internet, searching for abortion facilities.

Thanks to your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS (On-demand Alternatives to Abortion SYStem) Emergency Response ads, she was connected with one of OAASYS’s Pregnancy Help Center partners in Dallas, Texas instead, and made an appointment to be seen.

Samantha was greeted warmly at the center by her client advocate named Elaine.

Samantha shared her story, pouring out her fears and concerns.

Elaine listened attentively, offering understanding and empathy.

Sensing Samantha’s conflicted emotions, Elaine suggested a sonogram to provide her with more information.

Samantha agreed, hoping that seeing the image on the screen would reaffirm her decision to end the pregnancy.

The sonogram technician explained her child’s fetal development, and as she watched the flickering heartbeat on the screen, something shifted within her.

That tiny life growing inside her stirred a newfound tenderness.

Samantha felt a mix of emotions as she left the appointment.

She had not scheduled another appointment, uncertain of what her next steps should be.

Days turned into weeks, and the pregnancy center reached out to her twice, but Samantha ignored the calls.

She couldn’t bring herself to face the decision she had made to abort this child.

One afternoon, as she sat on her couch, the phone rang again.

This time, Samantha picked it up.

It was Elaine, checking in and expressing concern for her well-being.

Samantha broke down, sharing that she was now leaning towards keeping the baby, despite her plans to abort.

Elaine assured Samantha that the center would support her every step of the way.

She helped her understand the resources available to her, including applying for Medicaid to assist with medical expenses.

Filled with newfound hope, Samantha scheduled another sonogram appointment.

As the image of her preborn child once again appeared on the screen, this time, her heart swelled with joy.

She saw her child, a precious gift, growing healthy and strong.

This was it.

From that defining moment on, Samantha left abortion behind, embracing both her child and her journey as a single mother.

She sought counseling to heal her own wounds and break the cycle of trauma.

With the support of her friends, family, and the pregnancy center, she navigated the challenges ahead with determination and love.

Thank you for the critical role you played in helping save Samantha and her beautiful child from the tragedy of abortion.

You are heroic!

Psalm 34:18: The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.