The situations in our lives we perceive as our “breaking points” are to God, Who declares that His ways are much higher than ours, “breakthroughs!”

He uses the moments at which we are weakest to get our attention and make us ready to surrender and turn back to Him.

In doing so, we see Him work His amazing power in our circumstances and turn them for our good and His glory!

Lorena and her partner were already raising multiple children together.

They had agreed that they “had all they could handle” and did not want more children.

As it was, Lorena was one step away from being homeless.

She and her children were living with extended family, and she did not have the security that her family could continue to host them should their circumstances change.

It was in this cauldron of life stresses in which she found out she was pregnant.

Immediately, abortion seemed to her to be “the only option.”

She called an abortion facility and made an appointment to have her pregnancy terminated.

It was at Lorena’s breaking point that God began paving the way for His breakthrough.

The day before her scheduled abortion appointment, something prompted her to search the internet for “pregnancy options,” and God intervened through Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad – connecting her directly to our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

The hotline staff was able to convince Lorena to first obtain an ultrasound at their center before she proceeded with her scheduled abortion.

God powerfully used the ultrasound to effect His breakthrough for Lorena and her partner.

For it revealed that she was expecting twins!

Seeing her babies on the screen drove home the truth of the sanctity of the lives God had placed within her and tore down the satanic lie that “abortion was a viable option.”

The maternal instincts and protective love which Lorena had tried to suppress now welled up within her as she beheld her babies, and she knew that she could no longer proceed with the abortion she had scheduled for the next day!

Our PHC partner reiterated their support for her and her family and assured her that they would help her find the resources she needed to be able to parent her precious twins.

God used you as one of the many means through which He showed Lorena that His power was made perfect in her weakness, and to help her choose life.

THANK YOU for your YES to His calling to partner with Him in this life-saving work through your support of OAASYS!

2 Corinthians 12:9: “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.”