Keisha’s boyfriend had just experienced the sudden death of his teenage son when Keisha found out she was pregnant only a couple months later.

Her boyfriend relied on her emotionally and financially; she was afraid to tell him about her pregnancy during such a tragic time.

She decided to search for information online about getting an abortion.

Admittedly, Keisha was unfamiliar with the abortion process and had learned minimal information from her sister who’d shared with her that she’d had an abortion over 20 years ago.

Thanks to your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ads, Keisha was connected with OAASYS’s Pregnancy Help Center partner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – where she would learn about the abortion process in detail.

Keisha teared up during her appointment at the pregnancy center as her client advocate discussed various resources available to her if she decided to parent.

She shared that on her way there, she had inadvertently shown up at the abortion business next door, where she was told: “Beware – they are going to try to convince you to keep your baby!”

She was appreciative of the gentleness and compassionate care she received at the pregnancy center, and felt like God had “directed her” there in order to put supportive people in her life.

While still undecided about continuing the pregnancy, Keisha agreed to return for an ultrasound.

When she saw the baby on the screen, she began to cry.

She was shocked to learn that she was already in her second trimester!

Through her tears, she stated: “I feel like it is murder at this point because I really thought it was ‘just a seed’ until I saw how far along I am.”

The ultrasound also revealed that Keisha was carrying a baby boy.

She shared the news with her boyfriend, and, taking the abortion decision off the table, they were both not only resolved but ecstatic to choose life for their baby!

Keisha and her boyfriend saw their little boy as a special gift and blessing to them so soon after the abrupt loss of his teenage son.

Keisha continued to visit the pregnancy center throughout her pregnancy and expressed her gratitude for receiving abundant emotional and material support.

Thank you for playing such an integral role in protecting this precious baby’s life and helping provide new hope for this couple!