Giving Sight: Allie – A Save Story from New Orleans, Louisiana

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“Blindness and sight” is a metaphor Jesus often used to describe the spiritual condition of our hearts.

He came so that “those who do not see will see” (John 9:39), healing the spiritual blindness of all who receive Him as Savior so that those who once were “blind” can now see.

Our circumstances might remain exactly the same, but our perspective shifts: hopelessness transforms into hope in Christ!

At 41 years of age, Allie already had two grown children who were in their twenties.

Having more children now was definitely “not in her plans.”

Imagine her shock when she found out she was pregnant!

The reality of her pregnancy was made more complicated by the fact that the father of the baby was “just a friend” with whom she did not envision a future, and certainly not someone with whom she wanted to have baby.

The thought of “starting over” at her stage in life with a baby, and having to raise him or her by herself, was overwhelming.

Panicked and feeling hopeless, Allie strongly considered abortion as “the only solution” to this unexpected pregnancy.

Using her smartphone, she searched for abortion options.

One of the top results in her search was Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad, strategically designed to reach someone in Allie’s situation.

When she called the phone number on the ad, she was instantly connected with our Pregnancy Help Center partner in New Orleans, Louisiana, located right in her community!

The hotline staff Allie spoke with educated her on the importance of obtaining an ultrasound, and she made an appointment right away.

The sight of her 9-week-old baby actively moving during the ultrasound made an indelible impact on Allie.

Her physical eyes were opened to the very tangible reality of her baby’s life.

Further, God used the wonder of the ultrasound to open the eyes of her heart so that she saw Him at work in her situation.

Where before, her baby may have seemed to her to have been “an inconvenient problem,” Allie now saw the gift of life that had been given to her against the odds.

She resolutely exclaimed after the ultrasound, “I can’t have an abortion after seeing that!

Your continued support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS means that every day, many pregnant mothers like Allie are given new sight: physical vision and spiritual vision which help them make the heroic choice for life for their babies and for themselves.

You are making a critical, life-saving difference for these mommies and their babies!


John 9:39: “Jesus said, ‘I came into this world for judgment, in order that those who do not see will see and those who do see will become blind.’”

Elaine Russo

Elaine Russo

Elaine Russo is Heroic Media's Director of Pregnancy Center Training. A graduate of Brown University and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Counseling, Elaine has been actively involved in pregnancy center ministry for the past 15 years, during which she served as the Executive Director of pregnancy medical centers in Boston and Philadelphia. Elaine joined the Heroic Media team in July 2014. One of her main passions is to help equip Pregnancy Help Centers to increase their outreach to individuals at risk for abortion and to be the first responders in an unexpected pregnancy. Elaine and her husband, Chris, reside in Pennsylvania with their three young children.

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