God is Goodness Personified.

He is the standard of all that is good and always acts in accordance to what is right, true, and holy.

Goodness is not only a hallmark of His nature.

Goodness also defines His relationship to His children.

His Goodness runs after us, it follows us, and covers us with exceeding and abundant mercy and grace!

Leah was a Texas resident who found out she was pregnant right before the Texas Heartbeat Act went into effect, prohibiting abortions after the preborn baby’s heartbeat is able to be detected – about 6 weeks into the pregnancy.

Leah and her husband did not feel they were prepared to have a child, mainly due to financial reasons, and believed abortion would be the “best decision.”

To their dismay, Leah was a little further along than 6 weeks pregnant.

The “only option,” as far as they were concerned, was to travel out of state to get the abortion.

With her sister’s help, Leah scheduled the first available abortion appointment she could find – at the Planned Parenthood abortion business in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Little did she realize that God’s Goodness, which had pursued her from the beginning of her life, and was now similarly covering the preborn life within her, was already powerfully at work.

For inexplicable reasons, the Planned Parenthood in Tulsa was unable to provide her with the abortion after she’d made the long road trip from Texas to Oklahoma.

Deeply distraught, Leah again turned to her sister for help.

Her sister attempted to locate another abortion provider by searching the internet – and through the stroke of God’s Goodness, her search landed on Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad which connected her with OAASYS’s Pregnancy Help Center partner in Tulsa!

Leah, accompanied by her husband, arrived at the center for her appointment, and was immediately taken aback by the warmth with which she was received – a stark contrast to the reception she was given at the Planned Parenthood.

During her intake session, her client advocate strongly impressed upon her that nothing happened “by chance” and that it was not happenstance that got her to the pregnancy center.

Rather, God intended for her to be there.

Leah admitted that she’d had a “check in her spirit” that morning even as she was driving to the Planned Parenthood.

For the first time since finding out she was pregnant, she did not experience the chokehold of panic and fear because of the comfort she found in talking with the client advocate.

Praise God!

The ultrasound of their baby that Leah and her husband witnessed was tremendously impactful.

They saw and heard their baby’s heartbeat!

After the ultrasound, they both realized that they had to reconsider their abortion decision as they had now connected with the life of their child.

By the time they left the center that day to return to Texas, they’d made the decision to choose life!

Even as Leah tried to run away from her home state to get an abortion, God’s Goodness was running after her!

Your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS helped Leah and her husband experience His Goodness in a profound and tangible way which directly empowered them to make the choice for life.


Psalm 100:5: “The Lord is good and His love endures forever;
His faithfulness continues to all generations.”