Our concept of God and how we experience His love can be influenced by how we relate to our earthly fathers.

For so many, broken relationships with our earthly fathers can mar our relationship with God our Heavenly Father.

The converse, however, is significantly true: a wonderful relationship with our earthly father can powerfully mirror the love of our Heavenly Father and lead us to His embrace!

Jessie was a senior in high school, excited to begin a new season in her life after graduation.

Her mom had passed away when she was only 3 years old, and she had been raised singlehandedly by her father, whom she considered “her best friend.”

She was “Daddy’s Girl” through and through, and adored her father, determined to do everything she could to make him proud of her.

An unexpected pregnancy “certainly” did not fall within this scope…

Devastated by the thought that she would be disappointing her father with her pregnancy out of wedlock, Jessie searched the internet for abortion options – triggering Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad to instantly pop up at the top of her search results.

As soon as she called the phone number displayed on OAASYS’s ad, she was connected with our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, paving the way for her Heavenly Father to show His love for her and her preborn child!

Jessie’s counseling session with her client advocate at the center led her to a significant breakthrough.

She realized that, regardless of what she decided about the pregnancy, the incontrovertible fact was that she was already a mother!

This realization had a huge impact on her: having grown up without her mother, Jessie knew in her core, in that moment of realization, that she could not abandon her child to abortion.

Her heart was stirred to strive to be the best mom she could be to her child!

As she processed through her emotions with her client advocate, Jessie also came to realize that her father’s deep love for her meant that he would help her raise his grandchild, just as he had raised her.

Moreover, she experienced God’s promise-keeping love for her, and in that, found the assurance she needed to make the choice for life!

The legacy of a father’s love has a lasting generational impact.

In Jessie’s case, her father mirrored her loving Heavenly Father.

Thank God that she did not lose sight of this, had she given in to the temptation to have an abortion were it not for your intervention through OAASYS!

Your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS proved once again to be the first line of defense against abortion.

THANK YOU for playing an instrumental role in helping save Jessie and her precious preborn baby’s life from abortion!

Matthew 7:11: “If you then… know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him.