After finishing college, Amelia got a good job at a bank and was enjoying the laid-back life of a single girl working 9 to 5.

She had a good group of friends, attended a nice church, was in a long-term relationship, and had a stable job with prospects to move up the ladder in a few years.

She was proud of the life she’d carved out for herself – especially given that her upbringing had been “less than privileged.”

Everything began to change when she decided to step up and take custody of her 14-year-old sister.

With it came a new sense of responsibility she hadn’t experienced up to that point.

Nights out with friends became few and far between, and money wasn’t stretching as far as it used to.

Amelia was happy to help her sister out and would never imagine letting her “go anywhere else”… but this new reality was straining her plans and her relationship with her boyfriend.

The strain of welcoming her sister into her home would soon pale in comparison to the strain she felt a few months later when she discovered she was unexpectedly pregnant.

Although Amelia considered herself a Christian, she felt like abortion was “her only option.”

She couldn’t imagine trying to raise a baby while also trying to provide for her little sister.

It seemed like “a burden too heavy for a 22-year-old.”

Moreover, Amelia perceived her goals for “a comfortable life” dwindling away at the prospect of raising a baby at this stage in her life.

After all, she’d already concocted “a perfect plan” to be financially stable by 30 – and to begin having children afterward.

She began immediately searching online for an abortion facility.

Thanks to your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ads, she was connected with OAASYS’s Pregnancy Help Center partner in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma instead.

At her first visit, Amelia and her boyfriend consented to viewing videos on the medical and first-trimester abortion procedures.

They declined to discuss adoption options and left with heavy hearts, still undecided.

They returned a second time for an ultrasound – and remained undecided.

By the third visit, it was clear “something had changed.”

Amelia and her boyfriend were asking more questions about emotional and physical support for the pregnancy.

They were, for the first time, interested in learning more about parenting… and they even seemed “excited” about “plans for the baby.”

Before they left, they were able to hear a strong heartbeat – and with that, abortion was “off the table” as the two unequivocally declared that they’d decided to have and parent their baby!

With the abundance of support the pregnancy center provided, coupled with Amelia’s sister stepping up to help with childcare needs, Amelia fully embraced the “unexpected timing” of this precious child’s arrival into her life, realizing God’s Hand of blessing and purpose!

Thank you for the critical role you played helping rewrite Amelia’s story – with her joyful decision of LIFE over death!

Philippians 2:4: “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”