We have such a sure and strong promise in Psalm 27, that even if our earthly parents may hurt us and forsake us, our Heavenly Father is always there to hold us close.

His promise to never forsake nor leave us is an unmovable anchor when we find ourselves in the storms of life.

His are the everlasting arms!

When Mackenzie finally revealed the news of her pregnancy to her mother, her mother’s reaction was exactly as Mackenzie had feared: she was adamant that her daughter get an abortion.

Wasting no time, Mackenzie’s mother searched the internet for abortion options.

Because of the strategic effectiveness of Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad campaign, OAASYS’s ad populated at the top of her search results, and she was connected to one of our Pregnancy Help Center partners in Dallas, Texas.

Even though she was adamant that Mackenzie abort her baby, the pregnancy center hotline staff convinced her to make an appointment for her daughter to be seen and receive the critical information needed to make an informed decision.

Mackenzie arrived at the appointment accompanied by both her boyfriend and her mother.

She shared with her client advocate that she did not know how far along she was in her pregnancy, but that both she and her boyfriend actually wanted to continue with the pregnancy.

However, the strong pressure exerted by her mother that she had to abort the baby was causing much distress.

The ultrasound sprung a surprise on all of them, as it revealed that Mackenzie was 31 weeks into her pregnancy – well past the legal limit for an abortion in Texas!

Mackenzie’s abortion-determined mother was tremendously upset and stormed out of the center.

A few days later, the pregnancy center staff called Mackenzie to check on her. Her mother answered the phone, pretended to be her daughter, and told the staff that she did not want to be contacted.

However, God stayed faithful to His promise to never leave Mackenzie nor forsake her, and was intervening powerfully in her situation!

The real Mackenzie called the pregnancy center the next day, without knowing of the deception of her mother… and when she found out, she provided the staff with her personal cell phone number so they could reach her directly.

The pregnancy center staff assured Mackenzie that they would help her with supportive resources as she prepared for the arrival of her baby.

The hurt Mackenzie felt at being forsaken by her mother caused her to press in even more into God’s protective care.

It also made her more determined than ever to counter her mother’s abortion determination and protect her baby at all costs!

Your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS was the conduit that connected this precious young mother to the critical help she needed to withstand being forsaken by her abortion-determined mother – leading her to find her courage in God’s promises and not forsake her own child to abortion.


Psalm 27:10: “Even if my father and mother abandon me, the Lord will hold me close.”