In the midst of trials, we may have many “Why, God?” moments as we wrestle with questions and doubts.

Why did God allow the circumstances?

Why, God, why?

However, even as we ask these “Why, God?” questions, there are an infinite number of “Who? God!” moments to more than make up for them.

Who is this God Who so mercifully rescues, Whose hand of protection is over every circumstance, Whose abundant provisions always attend to our every need?

When we turn our perspective from the “why” to the “Who,” we see God working powerfully in our situation and find the hope we need to walk through the storm!

Callie, 18, found Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad in her internet search for abortion options.

Living with her grandparents, she was no longer with the father of the baby.

Even though she and her grandparents were Christian, they were strongly pushing for her to have an abortion.

Her own mother had had five abortions herself.

Thankfully, through OAASYS’s ad, Callie was connected to our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and made an appointment for options counseling and an ultrasound!

During her counseling session, Callie’s client advocate talked to her about fetal development and the emotional impact of abortion.

She consented to watching a video made by Dr. Levatino, a former abortionist, about what an abortion entailed.

While watching the video, she broke down crying and tearfully confessed to her client advocate, “Can I tell you something? My whole family is pushing for abortion, but I don’t want it. I think I hear God telling me ‘NO.’ I will be a good parent to this baby, and if I kill it, that is what will ruin my life.”

Yet, Callie wrestled with why God was “allowing” the pregnancy to happen, and the intense pressure from her family to abort.

Her client advocate lovingly helped her realize that even if she did not understand the “whys,” the fact was that God was the Author of Life and was taking care of her and her baby.

Callie decided to rededicate her life to Jesus and place her trust in His sovereign care.

Unbeknownst to her, God was also at work to change her grandmother’s heart! While she was meeting with her client advocate, her grandmother was being counseled by the pregnancy center director.

Initially, her grandmother was adamant that there would be no way for Callie to continue with her pregnancy.

Jobless and with her own health problems, she felt sure she could not support both Callie and her baby.

However, when she saw the same video, she was deeply impacted by abortion’s brutality and realized that this was her grandbaby who would be killed.

Her heart began to soften and she asked for prayers, specifically that she would be able to find employment to help Callie with her situation.

By the end of the appointment, both Callie and her grandmother expressed that they were “happy to keep the baby!

And just as they were walking out, Callie’s grandmother got a phone call from the grocery store manager where she had applied for employment – with the news that she got the job!

Beaming, she exclaimed, “God is right on time!”

Who God says He is provides the answer to every “why.”

He does not fail!

THANK YOU for helping Callie and her grandmother see Him in their circumstances, empowering them to choose life!

Habakkuk 3:18-19: “…yet I will rejoice in the Lord! I will be joyful in the God of
my salvation! The Sovereign Lord is my strength!