We serve a God Who promises that no matter the devastation we have suffered, He is able and willing to “pay back” what we have lost with His abundant blessings.

The prophet Joel alluded to this when he declared that God “will restore the years the locusts have eaten” (Joel 2:25).

This wonderful promise meant that years of abundant harvests would follow the years of desolation brought about by the locusts.

When we give God our losses, He pays us back with much more than what we lost!

Like so many women actively seeking to get an abortion, Jennie’s main motivation for doing so was fear – although her fear stemmed from circumstances that were “more unique.”

Just five months prior, Jennie was pregnant.

She was excited about that pregnancy and was planning on parenting her baby.

However, tragedy struck.

Jennie suffered a miscarriage when she was 16 weeks pregnant and was utterly devastated.

Still carrying the trauma from the miscarriage, she felt extremely fearful of going through another pregnancy “only to lose the baby yet again.”

Jennie went online, finding Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad targeting internet searches for abortion services.

OAASYS’s ad connected Jennie with our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Phoenix, Arizona, and opened the way for her to receive compassionate, life-affirming help!

At her appointment at the center, Jennie shared the circumstances of her previous pregnancy with her client advocate.

Jennie blamed herself for the miscarriage because she “was under a lot of stress” and believed that that was why she’d lost the baby.

Her client advocate assured her that it was not her fault.

She shared with Jennie God’s tender love for her, and told her that He had created that unique life with a purpose and that her baby was safe with Him for all of eternity.

Jennie became very emotional upon hearing this.

She further revealed that the father of the baby was supportive of her continuing with this pregnancy.

Jennie wrestled…

“Was abortion really ‘the answer’…?”

Or did she just need to work through and shake her fear of suffering another miscarriage?

The intensity of Jennie’s fear soon became overshadowed by joy when she saw the ultrasound image of her baby.

She was over 10 weeks into her pregnancy and even saw her baby “wave” to her!

She realized at that moment that she could not go through with an abortion and that this baby was God’s gift to her –evenafter the suffering of her miscarriage.

He was restoring to her what she had lost – throughthe blessing of a brand new life, also created with a purpose and to live forever!

Jennie changed her mind about the abortion she was contemplating.

Both she and the father of her baby made the decision to choose life and parent this precious child!

Your support of OAASYS helped Jennie see how God’s “pay backs” are always rooted in His goodness and mercy, and that she could trust Him as the Author of Life in spite of her fears.

Thank You!

Joel 2:25: “I will restore the years the locusts have eaten.”