Perspectivity: Jess – A Save Story from Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Perspective is everything.

My pastor has a most impactful statement about it:

“When you make it just all about you, it’s just about all over for you.”

In the midst of trials, we can choose to focus on ourselves and what the hardships are doing to us, or we can put them in the larger context of what God is doing through our trials.

The right perspective leads to the right solution!

Jess was first connected to Heroic Media’s Pregnancy Help Center partner in Ann Arbor, Michigan, because she had searched the internet for information on the abortion pill.

Heroic Media’s strategic outreach to abortion seekers on the internet ensured that our OAASYS Emergency Response ad was one of the top results in her search.

Jess called the number on her screen right away.

In her thirties, Jess was a single mother who was barely able to cope with caring for her children.

The thought of having another child was overwhelming.

Life just seemed unfair, she thought.

Everyone seemed to have it easier than she did…

Surely they had more support, better-behaved children, more money, and certainly not another pregnancy to add to the stress!

Filled with self-pity, Jess felt that abortion would be the easiest way out of her predicament.

The caring staff at our pregnancy help center partner encouraged Jess to schedule an ultrasound, educating her on the importance of first finding out if her pregnancy was viable before she went forward with an abortion.

Jess agreed.

When she saw the ultrasound, it radically changed her perspective on her situation.

Jess saw a baby who was 10 weeks old and much more developed than she had anticipated – causing her self-focus to make a 180-degree turn!

The self-pity Jess had harbored transformed into a much stronger emotion: a fierce, protective maternal instinct toward her baby – which suddenly made abortion unthinkable!

Your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS gives Jess, and hundreds of women like her experiencing unexpected pregnancies, the ability to view their circumstances with the right perspective – a perspective founded on God’s bountiful love for them and their babies, which gives sanctity to each of their lives!

THANK YOU for helping to save and transform lives every day!

John 14:33: “I have said these things to you, that in me you may
have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation.
But take heart; I have overcome the world.

Elaine Russo

Elaine Russo

Elaine Russo is Heroic Media's Director of Pregnancy Center Training. A graduate of Brown University and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Counseling, Elaine has been actively involved in pregnancy center ministry for the past 15 years, during which she served as the Executive Director of pregnancy medical centers in Boston and Philadelphia. Elaine joined the Heroic Media team in July 2014. One of her main passions is to help equip Pregnancy Help Centers to increase their outreach to individuals at risk for abortion and to be the first responders in an unexpected pregnancy. Elaine and her husband, Chris, reside in Pennsylvania with their three young children.

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