There are times in our lives when we cry out to God for help and we wonder why He seems unresponsive.

In reality, God always responds to our cries for help.

Might it not be that we perceive “help” as only when God intervenes in the way we want Him to, when in His infinite wisdom, God’s help covers so much more than our limited perception, and works to bring about His ultimate good for us?

Paige knew when she broke the news of her pregnancy to her boyfriend that she would “need” to go through with yet another abortion because his immediate response was, “This is bad timing.”

He had recently been released from prison and did not see a future for them, much less bringing a baby into the mix.

Paige was already single parenting multiple children and they were all living in cramped quarters with a relative who was a drug addict.

Facing such intractable circumstances, abortion seemed to Paige to be her “only option.”

God, however, was extending merciful help to Paige even when she could not see His intervening hand at work.

First, He connected her to life-affirming help through Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad which she found through her internet search for abortion options.

OAASYS’s ad directed Paige to our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

During her first appointment, Paige’s client advocate lovingly showed her the many resources of help available to her in the community should she choose to continue with her pregnancy.

Yet, Paige continued to cling to her resolve to have an abortion.

On the day of her scheduled ultrasound, Paige did not show up for her appointment.

When contacted by the pregnancy center staff, Paige responded, “You are not helpful unless you tell me where to go for an abortion!

However, the pregnancy center staff remained undaunted and continued to follow up with Paige to assure her that they would be there for her and her baby.

Finally, during one of those follow-up calls, Paige announced that she had decided to choose life for her baby!

Praise God!

Even though she had originally thought that what she “needed” was “‘help’ getting an abortion,” God was providing her with REAL, TRUE HELP on a much more abundant scale.

He was giving her the real, true help she needed to make a life-giving choice – not just for her baby, but ultimately, also for herself!

THANK YOU for being a critical conduit God is using to provide real, true help for many mothers like Paige.

Your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS is helping them choose life for their babies and for themselves every day!

You are heroic!

Psalm 46:1: “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in