While it is clear that God does not will evil in our lives, He allows trying circumstances as a means of working out His plan of goodness and redemption in all things.

What if we saw trials as God’s special favor upon us?

What if we perceived them as opportunities for us to humble ourselves before Him and look to Him for guidance?

For when we do, we will doubtless see His outpouring of goodness which transforms and redeems those very circumstances!

Lindy had had a rough childhood.

She had a tumultuous relationship with her mother, and her father was not in her life.

Only 17 years of age, she was a survivor, and was determined to not let the dysfunctions she grew up with dictate her future.

Even though she was unable to complete high school, she’d worked hard to obtain her GED and her plan was to eventually get a nursing degree.

Becoming pregnant was NOT a part of that plan.

Lindy’s initial reaction when she discovered she was pregnant was fear.

Fear at how this would “derail her future.”

But even more, she feared telling her mother about her pregnancy because of the nature of their relationship.

Her boyfriend’s initial reaction to the news added to the turmoil.

He did not seem supportive, and Lindy felt strong pressure to abort their baby.

Yet, because she was still a minor, she needed parental consent in her state to obtain an abortion – but how was she to tell her mother?

Feeling desperate, Lindy searched the internet for abortion options and found Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad.

She was connected with our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Gainesville, Florida, and once they told her about the importance of getting an ultrasound to better ascertain her pregnancy options, she made an appointment right away.

The ultrasound made a life-changing impact on Lindy.

When she saw her baby, strong maternal instincts were stirred up and a surge of love for her baby welled up within her.

She was determined to protect her baby at all costs, and to strive to provide a different life for her child than the one she’d had.

Through this epiphany, God opened Lindy’s eyes to the revelation of how what she had originally perceived as yet another trial was really His special favor upon her.

For the first time, she felt empowered to take charge of her life and the courage to not let others dictate her decisions.

More than that, He continued to pour favor upon Lindy by causing the heart of her boyfriend to be changed – and both he and his family came to embrace the life of their baby!

God used Lindy’s pregnancy to give her a fresh start at life by her choosing to give her baby life!

THANK YOU – for it was your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS that helped pave the way for this precious young mother to receive the favor God was bestowing upon her, changing both her life and that of her preborn child!

Psalm 5:12: “Surely, LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.”