Mikayla became a mom at the young age of 16.

At the time, choosing to parent her first baby was a tough choice, but it was one she was proud to make.

She received overwhelming love and support from her own mom and dad, and she never regretted her decision to parent her firstborn.

Years later, Mikayla welcomed a second child.

And then a third.

She got a job as a bartender and embraced life as a single mom.

Now, as her 30th birthday approached, Mikayla began taking stock of her situation.

She was proud of the life she provided for her three kids who were all in school.

She worked hard and, for the most part, made a decent living and enjoyed her work.

She had a boyfriend who was a bit older and she enjoyed his companionship.

She was proud of the hurdles she’d overcome, and she felt that now, at 30, she was entering a new season of life: she was no longer simply “keeping her kiddos alive”; she was helping them develop and navigate life as teens and tweens.

The days of diaper changes and sleep battles were over.

Everything felt pretty “bliss.”

The blissful feeling of her new season of life only lasted about six weeks before it devolved into stress and anxiety.

Either turning 30 had “completely wrecked her health” or… she was unexpectedly pregnant.

A handful of tests would quickly confirm the latter.

Confident that she did not want to reenter a season of spitup and dirty diapers, Mikayla began looking online for an abortion facility.

Thanks to your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ads, she was connected with OAASYS’s Pregnancy Help Center partner in San Antonio, Texas instead.

At her first appointment, Mikayla made it clear that she wanted an abortion.

After having space to process her fears and anxieties, she began to soften to the idea of parenting.

She went home to continue thinking.

After returning for a second appointment, with ultrasound, and even a third, again with ultrasound, she left the center still undecided.

But thanks be to God – she soon let her client advocates know that she’d ultimately made the decision against abortion and was going to parent her baby!

She shared that although she was concerned about the reaction of her boyfriend, she was even more worried that her oldest daughter, 14, was likely “conditioned by the abortion culture” that “unexpected pregnancies = abortion,” and would be disappointed that her mother “didn’t have an abortion.”

The deception and the lies of the abortion industry clearly preying on her mind!

Much to Mikayla’s surprise, she instead found that everyone, including her daughter, was not only supportive but excited about her bringing a new life into the world!

Praise God!

The pregnancy center helped her find medical care and offered to continue providing material and emotional support as she “started over.”

Thank you for the critical role you played as Mikayla’s and her preborn baby’s “first line of defense” against abortion through your sponsorship of OAASYS – helping her find OAASYS’s pregnancy center partner and the courage she needed to choose life!

Lamentations 3:22-23: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.