Psalm 23:2 says that God, our Good Shepherd, leads us beside “still waters”.

This has profound implications.

Why “still waters”?

A shepherd will never lead his sheep to a rapidly flowing river, as it would be too dangerous, and might cause the sheep to be frightened.

Worse yet, should the sheep put its head in to drink, the rushing waters would drench its wool and pull it into the rapids, endangering its life.

That is why David emphasized that God brings us beside “still waters” – a safe place where we can find peace, rest, and repose in His protective care.

The moment Madison learned she was pregnant, she felt “swept into the rushing rapids” of a crisis.

The circumstances surrounding her relationship with her boyfriend did not make having a child seem feasible.

There was just too much at stake, she felt, and their relationship and life goals would be jeopardized by the pregnancy.

Both decided abortion would be “the best option.”

Her emotions swirling, Madison searched the internet for abortion options, and instantly found Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad.

Dialing the number on OAASYS’s ad, she was connected with life-affirming help as soon as our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania answered her hotline call.

She was greatly relieved when the hotline staff assured her that they would be able to help her with her situation, and consented to making an appointment for pre-abortion help.

During her counseling session with her client advocate, Madison broke down when she learned about the risks associated with abortion.

“It is just a huge decision…,” she sobbed, completely confused about what she should do.

With much love and compassion, her client advocate gently led her into God’s presence by sharing with her His promise to trade the rushing rapids of her circumstances for the still waters of His peace.

Greatly encouraged by her words, Madison began to reframe her pregnancy in the light of God’s provisions for her.

After seeing her baby on the ultrasound screen, Madison felt even less certain that abortion was what she wanted.

Her client advocate assured her that the pregnancy center would be able to help her and her boyfriend secure the resources they needed to prepare for their child should they decide to continue with their pregnancy.

After a soul-searching discussion with her boyfriend, they both decided that they could not go through with an abortion!

Your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS helped lead this precious daughter of God to His still waters, beside which she found the peace she needed to change her mind and make the best choice for herself and her preborn child – LIFE!

THANK YOU for coming alongside them – and all of the mothers and babies you serve in this critical work to save lives and souls!

You are heroic!

Psalm 23:2: “He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.”