Since leaving high school in 2015, Carmen’s life looked a lot different than the life she’d hoped for as a little girl.

An excellent student, Carmen had plans to attend a good college after high school, major in engineering, and use her skills to make a positive difference in the tech world.

But when tragedy struck her family during her most formative teenage years, Carmen’s ambitions, both professional and personal, were stunted.

Barely graduating from high school, Carmen opted to stay home with her parents rather than head to college.

She started a relationship with a boy who would come to treat her far below her dignity.

She got a job at a local club, but had a hard time remaining employed.

For seven years, she remained in this cycle: same boyfriend, same dead-end jobs, same sadness.

Over the years, she became pregnant several times.

Plan B had become her “preferred method of birth control,” but when that failed, she opted for abortion.

By 2022, she’d already had two abortions, and was looking to schedule a third.

That’s when, thanks to your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS (On-demand Alternatives to Abortion SYStem) Emergency Response advertising program, she was connected with OAASYS’s Pregnancy Help Center partner in San Antonio, Texas instead of an abortion provider.

She made an immediate appointment.

When Carmen arrived at the pregnancy center for her first appointment, she stated her determined intent to get an abortion.

She shared that she’d had several abortions before – and she also shared that she had two children at home already.

She was hoping to be early enough along in this unexpected pregnancy to get a chemical abortion, and agreed to have a sonogram to confirm the baby’s gestational age.

While she waited for her sonogram, she continued talking to her client advocate.

She was curious about fetal development and the new Texas laws regulating abortion.

Once the sonogram began, Carmen stared at her baby on the screen.

The sonogram tech declared, “Baby has a strong heartbeat and looks excited to see you!”

Tears filled Carmen’s eyes.

She could see her baby’s arms and legs clearly formed; she saw baby’s heart beating fast and strong!

Moments later, Carmen declared her intent to parent her baby instead of abort!

She scheduled a follow-up sonogram and began working with the pregnancy center to find prenatal care.

She even asked if the center could help her connect with a local church for additional, spiritual support – which they were more than happy to do!

Praise be to God for this transformative turnaround!

And thank