In this second week of Advent, we are called to press on in steadfast faith, believing that Jesus, Who came the first time to our lowly earth as a baby born to redeem mankind from our bondage to sin and death, will come again to bring us to our eternal home!

When the circumstances of our lives seem bleak and hopeless, faith compels us to trust Jesus even when we cannot see the “happy ending,” holding onto the conviction that Jesus has already secured for us that happy ending!

Stella had just found out that she was pregnant.

Finding Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad at the top of their internet search results for abortion options, she and her boyfriend called Heroic Media’s Pregnancy Help Center partner in Phoenix, Arizona.

The main reason they cited for wanting an abortion was because they had been “living a reckless life” which involved smoking, alcohol, and recreational drugs.

Satan frequently uses the guilt a woman experiences about the impact of her alcohol and drug use before she knew she was pregnant to propagate another destructive lie: “Surely abortion would be a ‘better option’ than to risk possibly giving birth to a baby who might have developmental defects, would it not?

In Stella’s case, God intervened by using the ad you sponsored through OAASYS to connect her with a life-affirming pregnancy help center to pit His truth against Satan’s lies.

The ultrasound Stella received at our partner center was life-changing.

Once she heard her baby’s heartbeat, she exclaimed, “Whoa! I have like a living person inside me! Hearing that makes it more real!”

The client advocate Stella met with helped her understand that while she was still too early in her pregnancy to determine if her baby was affected by her alcohol and drug use, the fact was clear that her pregnancy was not an accident in God’s providence.

Stella was empowered to embrace the truth to see how God would take care of her baby.

Her part was to believe in faith, even when she could not yet see the outcome.

Even though Stella’s boyfriend was not fully supportive of her decision to continue with the pregnancy, Stella knew that abortion was no longer an option for her.

By faith, she embraced the life of her baby and entrusted her baby’s health to God!

Your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS played a critical role in helping Stella connect with our life-affirming pregnancy help center partner instead of an abortion facility, and to press on in faith and hope.


Indeed, the light of Jesus has shone into darkness – and you are helping to keep His light shining into the circumstances of many mothers like Stella experiencing unexpected pregnancies!

Hebrews 11:11: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”