The third Sunday in Advent is called “Gaudete” Sunday, which means “Rejoice!”

We are called to rejoice because Jesus came to bring salvation to mankind!

His first advent into our world means joy has been given as a sure sign of His presence with us.

We can rejoice, because no matter how challenging or hopeless our circumstances may seem, Christ our Redeemer is in our midst and He WILL return again!

He IS mighty to save!

The joy we experience in Him buoys us in our trials and provides the strength we need to make decisions based on His truth.

Alexa and Annie have been good friends for as long as they can remember.

The interests they shared in common had drawn them to each other and created many fun memories.

Now, they found themselves sharing another commonality.
Though this time, it was not “fun”…

Both friends were facing unexpected pregnancies…and strongly considering abortion.

Alexa searched the internet for abortion options and found Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad at the top of her search results.

She called the number on the ad right away and was connected with our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The compassionate hotline staff she spoke with educated her on the importance of obtaining an ultrasound to determine the viability of her pregnancy before she took any steps towards abortion.

Persuaded, Alexa made an appointment to be seen.

Not an hour after Alexa called, Annie found the same OAASYS Emergency Response ad in her internet search and also called our PHC partner!

Like Alexa, Annie made an appointment for an ultrasound.

When Alexa arrived for her appointment, abortion was very much on her mind.

The reasons she shared with her client advocate were that she felt being pregnant would mean she would not be able to finish school, and she feared not having supportive resources.

However, her client advocate helped her work through her emotions, and once she was able to get her initial panic under control, she was able to see that she had a great support system she could tap into, including a boyfriend who assured her he would be present for her and their baby.

As soon as Alexa saw the ultrasound, any remaining fears and reservations she had about her pregnancy melted.

She referred to her child as “my baby” and knew she could not go through with an abortion.

The joy she experienced at seeing her baby provided her with the courage she needed to make the decision for life!

Annie’s circumstances were a little different from Alexa’s.

Unlike Alexa’s boyfriend, Annie’s boyfriend was less supportive and was giving her conflicting signals about whether he wanted her to continue with the pregnancy or have an abortion.

She was also fearful her parents would not be supportive.

However, as with Alexa, seeing the ultrasound of her baby was very powerful.

God used the image of her baby to stir up the joy borne out of the strong maternal instincts He had placed within her, which empowered her to banish abortion as an option!

At the encouragement of her client advocate, she broke the news to her parents and found them supportive, further cementing her commitment to continue with her pregnancy.

Your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS connected these two friends with the life-affirming pregnancy center that helped them realize that the joy of the Lord IS indeed their strength – a strength that gave both of them the courage to choose life!

Now they are joyfully sharing their pregnancies and new motherhood together!

THANK YOU for the heroic role you played in their and their babies’ life stories!

Nehemiah 8:10: “…for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”