ThriVe+ National Expansion launched!

Oklahoma City: July 4th

Philadelphia: August 1st

Learn about “The Missouri Miracle” and its key ingredient – which essentially drove Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry out of Missouri well before the overturning of Roe v. Wade – and the new joint venture project between Heroic Media and ThriVe Nation – called “ThriVe+” – whose mission is to rapidly replicate “The Missouri Miracle” in cities and states across the country in a groundbreaking, new Telehealth Model. For such a time as this!

Heroic Media President and CEO Brett Attebery shares an exciting interview recorded with guests Don Greiner, Oklahoma City-based philanthropist and strategic partner, Bridget VanMeans, Heroic Media Board Member and President/Vision Leader of St. Louis-based ThriVe Nation, and Cara Paschal, Executive Director of ThriVe Metro East (in Illinois).

Click here for information about getting Brett’s new book.

Contact Brett at
for more information on how you can get involved to make the greatest impact possible in our Post-Roe America!

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To watch Brett’s presentation in the June 29th EPIC Life Beyond Roe nationwide webcast – where 23,500 joined live!! – go to the 51:50 mark in the replay of the webcast here.

Listen to Brett’s interview with Teresa Tomeo on Catholic Connection here – starting at the 15:40 mark