The 23rd Psalm is one with which so many are well familiar, especially because of the depth of comfort and provision it promises every believer who has placed their trust in the Good Shepherd.

One of the most pivotal verses proclaims, Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil for you are with me.”

The operative word in this verse is “through”.

Our Shepherd did not say we are simply going “into” the valley and remaining stuck there.

Rather, we are simply going “through”: we will come out on the other side because He will take us through!

In her early twenties, Chloe already had several children when she found out she was yet again pregnant.

Already feeling overwhelmed with life, neither she nor her boyfriend felt they could cope with another child.

The unexpected pregnancy plunged them into a deep valley of fear and panic.

Abortion appeared to them to be “their only viable option.”

Chloe’s boyfriend searched for abortion options on the internet and found Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad at the top of his search results.

Calling the phone number listed, he was instantly connected with life-saving help through OAASYS’s Pregnancy Help Center Partner in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Chloe and her boyfriend met with their client advocate at the center prior to getting an ultrasound.

The compassion communicated by the client advocate compelled them to be willing to share openly without fear of judgment.

Chloe revealed that she had thought about aborting her last child because she’d felt similarly overwhelmed.

Ultimately, she chose life then, and had nothing but love for her child now – and could not imagine if she had gone through with the abortion.

Yet… this time… abortion… was the “right” answer… Right…?

In her conflict, her client advocate gently helped her see that she still had the same strong maternal love and instincts for this preborn child as well!

This was further affirmed by the fact that after Chloe and her boyfriend watched a video on abortion procedures and fully understood what abortion entailed, both were so repulsed that they realized no matter how deep was the valley they were walking through, they could not imagine choosing abortion.

Then, hearing and seeing their child’s heartbeat on the ultrasound cemented their decision to choose life!

Before leaving the appointment, the client advocate shared the Gospel with Chloe and encouraged her to trust God and lean on Him – for He was powerfully at work in her life and would supply her needs because of His love for her and her baby!

Chloe also enrolled in the center’s parenting education program which would provide much needed material resources as well.

Your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS made this transformative, life-saving connection between Chloe and our Pregnancy Help Center partner possible, and helped her to see God walking with her – not only through but out of the valley of overwhelm, fear, and panic that had gripped her.

THANK YOU for helping to save the life of Chloe’s precious baby – and restore Chloe’s soul to her Savior!

Psalm 23:4: “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil for you are with me…