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Chelsea immediately thought about getting an abortion after staring down at her positive pregnancy test.

She is a 24-year-old, single mother of a 7-year-old child.

Chelsea did not feel that she could handle raising another child on her own.

She searched on the internet for information about getting an abortion, and clicked on a Heroic Media ad that led her to call a Pregnancy Help Center that partners with Heroic Media.

Chelsea spoke with a receptionist, and scheduled an appointment to come in a few days later.

In the meantime, Chelsea scheduled to get an abortion with a clinic because she thought she was going to get proof of pregnancy from our partner and carry on.

Chelsea met with the staff, and shared that she was feeling pressure from her boyfriend.

During the appointment, the nurse discussed the importance of an ultrasound.

The staff set up a special ultrasound appointment to get her in before her abortion appointment.

Chelsea sent a text saying she would not make her ultrasound, and said she was going to get the abortion.

She stated she would call back if she changed her mind. Chelsea called the next day stating she went to the
abortion clinic, but could not go through with the abortion.

She courageously chose life, and wanted to come back for an ultrasound!

Praise God for His intervention!

Kenzie Muckway

Kenzie Muckway

Internet Marketing Specialist at Heroic Media

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Kenzie relocated to Texas in 2011. She graduated with honors from the University of North Texas in 2015 with a degree in Communications. Kenzie joined the Heroic Media team in November 2015. She serves as the Internet Marketing Specialist.

Kenzie’s passion for pre-born babies and their mothers grew in college when she heard a sermon on the sanctity of human life at The Village Church. God used the sermon to lead her to pursue her vocational efforts to the pro-life cause.

Kenzie enjoys exploring new coffee shops, discovering the life music scene in Austin, and leading worship at her local church.

Kenzie Muckway

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