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Lauren faced an unexpected pregnancy at age 16.

She felt embarrassed and scared.

Lauren wanted to see where she could get an abortion, so she turned to her phone for answers.

She clicked on a Heroic Media ad that led her to call a Pregnancy Help Center that partners with Heroic Media.

Lauren asked the center if they provided free abortions.

After some initial questions about Lauren’s pregnancy and situation, the receptionist informed Lauren that abortion is not a service offered at the center, but advised that Lauren should come in for an ultrasound as the first step.

Lauren set up an appointment, and came in a few days later.

During the appointment, the counselor went over abortion procedures and risks.

Lauren opened up about her situation, sharing that she was living with her boyfriend’s family, and wants to finish high school, so she felt a baby would get in the way.

After Lauren saw her baby on the ultrasound screen, she was surprised, and started weeping loudly when she heard her baby’s heartbeat.

Lauren began to rethink her decision. A week later, she shared that she wanted to continue her pregnancy!

Praise God!

Kenzie Muckway

Kenzie Muckway

Internet Marketing Specialist at Heroic Media

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Kenzie relocated to Texas in 2011. She graduated with honors from the University of North Texas in 2015 with a degree in Communications. Kenzie joined the Heroic Media team in November 2015. She serves as the Internet Marketing Specialist.

Kenzie’s passion for pre-born babies and their mothers grew in college when she heard a sermon on the sanctity of human life at The Village Church. God used the sermon to lead her to pursue her vocational efforts to the pro-life cause.

Kenzie enjoys exploring new coffee shops, discovering the life music scene in Austin, and leading worship at her local church.

Kenzie Muckway

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