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Martha could not believe what she was experiencing.

She had recently left her life in Boston to come to Texas and live with her father.

She was ready for a fresh, new start.

The possibility that she could be pregnant looked like a giant roadblock, keeping her from moving forward.

It felt like the painful relationship of her past was following her all the way across the country.

Abortion appeared to be the only way to make sure Martha really had that new start she wanted.

She did a Google search for abortion information and clicked on a Heroic Media ad that connected her with our Pregnancy Help Center partner in San Antonio.

Martha shared with her father what was going on, and he agreed to go with her to her appointment.

Martha and her father came to the center together and found themselves in a place that was nothing like what they had expected.

They were welcomed warmly and without judgment.

The counselor listened as Martha told her how she had only lived in Texas for one week and now was facing one of the most monumental decisions of her life.

She told her that the father of this child would not be involved in anyway.

Thinking about raising a child without the father seemed unfair and it broke Martha’s heart even to consider it.

Her counselor assured Martha and her father that the center would do everything they could to help her, from getting her healthcare coverage to connecting her with resources in the community.

Most importantly, she encouraged Martha to see this baby, not as a block on the path, but a doorway to a life that was more beautiful than Martha could even imagine.

Martha and her father left reassured that it was not abortion that would ensure a new and bright future, but this precious new life Martha was carrying within her.

With the compassionate care and loving help of the center, Martha chose life for her child!

Philippians 4:19: “And my God will supply every need of yours
according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

Abigail Borah
Involved in the pro-life movement since her days as an undergraduate student at The University of Texas at Austin, Abigail joined the Heroic Media team in May 2018. Having experienced an unexpected pregnancy herself, Abigail knows first-hand how necessary it is for women to have awareness of and access to the compassionate care and real help found at life-affirming Pregnancy Help Centers. Abigail’s son Gabriel is now three years old and the light of Abigail’s life! Abigail graduated with honors from UT-Austin in 2015 with a degree in Religion and History. Prior to joining Heroic Media, Abigail gained experience working in the trenches of the pro-life movement in a pregnancy help center and as a sidewalk counselor through her work at the St. John Paul II Life Center and the Central Texas Coalition for Life and speaking at churches, youth groups, fundraising events and on radio talk shows. Abigail and her son reside in Dripping Springs and are parishioners of St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church.
Abigail Borah

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