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Savannah looked at the pregnancy test in her hands.

Two lines. Pregnant. Again.

The words of her boyfriend rang in Savannah’s mind:

I’m out of here if you get pregnant. You can deal with it on your own.”

“Momma, Momma, are you in there?”

It was Savannah’s son, and his plaintive voice and knocks on the bathroom door snapped her back to reality.

Her son was her world, her everything.

How could she provide for him and another child?

Yet, how could she go through… with… an… abortion?

In that moment, the thought came to her:

If I get an abortion before eight weeks, it’s just a clump of cells, right?

It’s not really a baby yet, so it’s no biggie.

Yes… that’s what I will do… I will get an abortion as long as I’m not past eight weeks.”

Pulling out her phone, Savannah searched for local abortion information on Google.

An ad placed by Heroic Media caught Savannah’s attention.

She called the number on the screen, connecting to Heroic Media’s Pregnancy Help Center partner in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The person on the phone listened patiently, and helped Savannah make an appointment right then, to be seen promptly.

The nurse at the center ascertained from the date of Savannah’s last cycle that she was still very early in her pregnancy.

She contemplated the conundrum: a too early ultrasound can reinforce a “clump of cells” belief; delaying the scan runs the risk of losing the woman to an abortion provider.

The nurse decided to proceed, and found that Savannah was too early for the ultrasound results to be conclusive.

However, instead of focusing on the inconclusive ultrasound, both the nurse and Savannah’s client advocate focused on meeting Savannah’s needs, right where she was.

They directly addressed each of the fears Savannah was experiencing regarding this pregnancy, her life, and her future.

Savannah’s fears began to be allayed as her emotional and spiritual needs were met, and she agreed to return for a repeat ultrasound.

This time, the nurse determined that Savannah was just six weeks into her pregnancy – within the window Savannah had decided would be “okay” to proceed with an abortion.

To the joy of the nurse and Savannah’s client advocate – who had prayed for Savannah between visits – Savannah changed her mind and decided she would not get an abortion.

Through the support and loving compassion of the center staff, Savannah found the courage she needed to make the choice for life, overcoming the barriers of her boyfriend’s objections and her worry about her circumstances.

Empowered by this courage, Savannah began to embrace her pregnancy with joy!

Were it not for your support of Heroic Media, Savannah’s story would have had a very different ending.


2 Timothy 1:7: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity,
but of power, love, and self-discipline.

Elaine Russo

Elaine Russo

Elaine Russo is Heroic Media's Director of Pregnancy Center Training. A graduate of Brown University and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Counseling, Elaine has been actively involved in pregnancy center ministry for the past 15 years, during which she served as the Executive Director of pregnancy medical centers in Boston and Philadelphia. Elaine joined the Heroic Media team in July 2014. One of her main passions is to help equip Pregnancy Help Centers to increase their outreach to individuals at risk for abortion and to be the first responders in an unexpected pregnancy. Elaine and her husband, Chris, reside in Virginia with their three young children.

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