Our Creator God has created things of astounding beauty.

Yet, He declares in His Word that the best, most incredible thing He has ever made is…us!

Exodus 19:5 plainly states that He calls us His “treasured possession.”

What an incomparably amazing thought!

And when we root ourselves firmly in our identity as God’s treasured possession, our perspective in challenging circumstances becomes one infused with hope!

Caroline knew she was her mom’s “treasured possession.”

Naturally, when she discovered she was pregnant, she confided in her mom.

Her mother had always been very protective of her and did everything she could to ensure that Caroline had “the very best.”

An unexpected pregnancy, however, did not fall under the category of “very best,” as far as her mother was concerned.

She made it clear that an abortion would be in Caroline’s “best interests.”

Scared, Caroline went along with her mother’s wishes, even though in her heart she knew abortion was a sin and wanted to keep her baby.

Caroline’s mother searched the internet for an abortion provider.

Thankfully, their search resulted in Heroic Media’s OAASYS Emergency Response ad populating at the top of their search results!

As soon as Caroline’s mother called the phone number on OAASYS’s ad, she was connected with our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Phoenix, Arizona, and instantly found life-affirming help!

The client advocate at the pregnancy center helped both Caroline and her mother process through the emotions they were experiencing regarding the pregnancy.

Caroline revealed that her boyfriend, like she, wanted to keep their baby.

Both, however, were scared.

The client advocate impressed upon Caroline that God treasured her like no other, and that her baby was very much His treasure as well.

Understanding this truth gave Caroline hope and courage.

Heading into the ultrasound room, Caroline and her mom thought she was only about 8 weeks into her pregnancy.

However, the ultrasound revealed that she was more than 12 weeks along!

Both started crying when they heard the baby’s heartbeat.

Caroline’s mom was so impacted by the very tangible signs of life before her eyes on the screen that she exclaimed, “You can’t have an abortion now! That’s a baby. That’s a big baby!”

For the first time, Caroline’s mother realized that an abortion would not be in her daughter’s “best interests.”

Thanks be to God!

The ultrasound, and seeing her daughter’s love toward her baby, caused her to begin to treasure her grandchild like she treasured her daughter.

She made the decision to fully support Caroline’s desire to continue with her pregnancy!

God uses you, His treasured possession, to help these treasured possessions turn away from abortion, saving their souls and the lives of their babies from the tragedy of abortion in the process.

THANK YOU for participating in God’s Kingdom work each day through your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS!

We, too, treasure you!

Exodus 19:5: “…out of all nations you will be my treasured possession.”