Lily was a straight-A student, never missing class.

But – on this particular Monday morning, she found herself not only skipping class but hiding in the stall of the high school girls’ bathroom… waiting for a classmate to meet her and deliver a pregnancy test under the door.

Now 16, she’d been considered “straight-laced” her whole life.

Neither her family nor most of her friends knew about her new boyfriend.

And they certainly didn’t know she had been abandoning the moral teachings of her Christian faith and, with it, risking pregnancy.

When she began to suspect she might be pregnant, she asked around until she found someone who could help her get an “off-the-books” pregnancy test.

Now, moments later, she sat in the stall… watching two pink lines come into focus.


As the feelings of panic immediately set in, abortion “seemed like the ‘best option.’”

 “I have no time to waste,” Lily thought. “Better act fast – now.”

She had long believed that abortion “was okay” as long as it was before the baby developed a heartbeat.

She began searching online for an abortion facility right away.

Thanks to your support of Heroic Media’s OAASYS (On-demand Alternatives to Abortion SYStem) Emergency Response ads, she was connected with OAASYS’s Pregnancy Help Center partner in Phoenix, Arizona instead.

The client advocate on the other end of the line was warm and friendly and offered to make a same-day appointment for Lily to come in for a free ultrasound and check if her baby did, in fact, have a heartbeat.


At the appointment, Lily expressed her personal beliefs about abortion.

After listening compassionately, her client advocate began asking some gentle questions.

They discussed Lily’s Christian faith.

Her advocate challenged some of her preconceived notions about abortion and motherhood and parenting.

When Lily saw her baby on the ultrasound screen, she was mesmerized.

However – the baby did not yet have a visible heartbeat.

But, thanks be to God – Lily’s heart was already softened from the conversation with her advocate, and the sight of this tiny baby on the ultrasound – even before his heart was visibly beating – so moved her own that she stated that she “could never harm her own baby”.

Praise be to God!

In that moment of tenderness, strength, and courage, Lily declared her choice to continue her pregnancy and parent her baby!

The center staff discussed continued emotional and material support for Lily and her baby.

She signed up for parenting classes and they made a game plan for her to share the news with her parents and the father of the baby.

As she left, she took with her the tiniest pair of baby shoes and laced them on her rearview mirror as a reminder of the life growing inside of her and the tiny feet that would soon fill them.

Thanks to your support, Lily had the opportunity to process her pregnancy in a safe, supportive, loving, and life-empowering environment.

Thank you for the critical role you played in helping Lily to choose life!

Psalm 19:14: Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.