Which Life to Choose? Ella ~ A Save Story from Akron, Ohio

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Imagine the conundrum of a mother who feels like she has to choose between the life of her baby son and her preborn child – and it seems like a zero-sum choice between the two.

Ella had just recently given birth. Her infant son was barely three months old when she found out she was pregnant again.

She looked at the positive pregnancy test, completely incredulous.

You have got to be kidding me.

The timing between the two pregnancies would have been a challenge in and of itself, but compounding the situation was the fact that Ella’s three-month-old son was born with severe medical issues, including kidney failure.

He had required daily dialysis since birth, coupled with extensive hospitalizations.

There had been times when the doctors were unsure if he would pull through, and, even now, things remained tenuous.

How could Ella care for him if she had another baby… and, especially… so soon?

Ella’s boyfriend, the father of both babies, made it clear that there was no other way: Abortion would be their only option.

Googling “abortion options,” Ella found Heroic Media’s OAASYS ad, connecting her to our Pregnancy Help Center partner in Akron, Ohio.

Through tears, Ella explained her situation. Surprised and grateful for the compassionate response she received on the phone, Ella immediately scheduled an appointment at the pregnancy center.

Her client advocate not only allayed her fears about her situation by walking her through all of her options, but also provided her with diapers for her baby son.

The depth of love and care Ella received helped her realize that, while there were not guaranteed answers for her situation, taking the life of her preborn child was not the solution.

Moreover, what if she had the abortion, and her three-month-old did not survive his medical complications?

She wondered how she could ever forgive herself if both of her babies were dead.

Your support of Heroic Media enabled Ella to be connected with a team of compassionate, Christ-centered Pregnancy Help Center staff members who gave her the hope and help she so desperately needed.

You helped Ella to find the strength she needed in the midst of a very challenging situation and to embrace life for her preborn child.

THANK YOU for the heroic role you played to help empower Ella!

Psalms 68:11: “The Lord gives the word, and a great army brings the good news.

Elaine Russo

Elaine Russo

Elaine Russo is Heroic Media's Director of Pregnancy Center Training. A graduate of Brown University and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Counseling, Elaine has been actively involved in pregnancy center ministry for the past 15 years, during which she served as the Executive Director of pregnancy medical centers in Boston and Philadelphia. Elaine joined the Heroic Media team in July 2014. One of her main passions is to help equip Pregnancy Help Centers to increase their outreach to individuals at risk for abortion and to be the first responders in an unexpected pregnancy. Elaine and her husband, Chris, reside in Virginia with their three young children.

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